Asuka Shinikami Cosplay by Misa

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Another girl from Evangelion Anime Series, Asuka Shikinami Cosplay A Second girl from Evangelion and also Captain (of the European Air Force) her name is Asuka Shikinami  Langley, from her name we can assume that she has some relation with the character that is already more famous from Evangelion (Asuka Langley Soryu) the first time i heard about her name I thought she was twin of Asuka Langley, till i found out she is a character Adaption from Asuka Langley Soryu.

In terms of appearance Langley and Shikinami  there is absolutely no difference, Her appearance is Essentially unchanged from the TV series (although her ​​auburn haircolor is brown instead of red), but her character and personality are noticeably different. arguably Asuka Shikinami  seem more feminine and like more girly stuff compared to Asuka Langley, Most Notably, she talks to and plays with a hand puppet (while Asuka Soryu had a deep hatred of dolls) when in low spirits (her first night at Misato 's). She's even seen cooking to try to impress Shinji after learning of Rei 's dinner party plans for Gendo and Shinji.

Unlike in previous series , Asuka Shikinami  considers both Rei and Shinji to be rivals in piloting Eva ( additionally , Rei as a romantic rival , although Rei makes no acknowledgment of this) , Shinikami Evanglion series debut in the Evangelion 2.0 : You Can ( not ) Advance as the designated pilot of Evangelion Unit - 02 and Captain of the European Air Force , although in Misato Asuka eventually confides that she's never needed friends and prefers being alone but she still realizes how much fun if with a friend.

Well ... as you can see in the Asuka Shikinami Cosplay pictures Misa look more tempting as Asuka Shikinami Cosplay in here, she just wearing a pink striped stockings, a fur brown scarf, and a red glasses ... although I don't know the reason why she half- naked like that (Shikinami ever wearing this stuff in the anime?), well ... Whatever the reason behind it Misa's cute-Moe factor still looks more dominant than the seductive side.

Personally I really like the last Asuka Shikinami Cosplay picture, Misa combining a Plug - Suit with a matching jacket, somehow it makes Asuka Shikinami characters look more alive, and realistic beside that the color contrast thats looks very soft also impressed with the black and white touch make this Cosplay pictures looks very epic, well ... i love this Asuka Cosplay by Misa and I know you also liked it.

I've posted Asuka Langley Soryu Cosplay with Swimsuit by Misa before, if you want to see the difference between Asuka Langley with Shikinami you better see her in there.
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