Asuka Soryu Swinsuit Cosplay by Misa

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After looked cool with Awesome and stunning Asuka's PlugSuit now Misa is back with her cute Asuka Soryu swimsuit Cosplay photo, yea ... this time she wearing her favorites swimsuit , a red striped swimsuit that looks cute on her, although in Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka is a great Eva pilots but here with that water gun she didn't look dangerous at all ^^.

In the end of series Asuka Langley Soryu meet her death (or at least its seem like that) Asuka's body to actually suffer the wounds inflicted to the machine and apparently killing her after defeats the JSSDF, well ... Misa has made Asuka Soryu Swimsuit Cosplay very cute here, I just wish I could swim with her in there.
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