Ichigo 100% Cosplay by Shii

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Been a long time since I watch this ichigo 100 % anime, maybe this is a romantic comedy anime (& echii) that I watched for the first time, and until now I still love this anime though after I watch anime again a few days ago, i feel like Ichigo 100 % animation looks slightly stiffer than the new anime now day, well I guess the technology and the way of making the anime it's already evolved away from that day.

In Ichigo 100% anime, there are three main female characters (a blonde and super popular School girl Tsukasa Nishino, a sweet and smart black haired girl Toujou Aya and atletick and a little stright minded Satsuki Kataoji) and the super lucky main male character in this anime is Junpei Manaka, well honestly I really hate Junpei Manaka XD, he was really lucky guy, how can three sweet girl could fall in love simultaneously on one guy like him, XD (well to be honest I always hated male lead character in all harem anime LOL).

Here, in this ichigo 100% anime cosplay pictures we can see all three main female characters that exist in the anime, (from left to right) Toujou Aya, Satsuki Kitaoji and Nishino Tsukasa, and unfortunately I only know one of cosplayers names here, Shii is a cosplayer who has made character Nishino Tsukasa looks very nice here, shes is not bad at all, she was no less sweet than the original Nishino in anime, and my favorites girl in this Ichigo 100 % Cosplay picture is Satsuki Kitaoji. In Here she looks somewhat different from Satsuki characters in the anime since she looks a little rough, since Satsuki cosplay here look very cute here.
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