League of Legends: Akali Cosplay by Misa

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Another Sweet League of Legends Cosplay by Misa, after she looks amazing with her Caitlyn cosplay by Misa pictures that I've posted before now she's back with another amazing League of Legends Cosplay pictures, This time she's cosplaying as Akali one playable champion in Pupular Moba Games League of Legends, how popular this game? I'm sure you've at least heard about this game name.

Akali is also commonly known by the nickname of the Fist of Shadow, I don't understand why she got her nickname while she uses dual Kama as her weapons, but maybe she got it because she could slice a dangling chain with a chop of her hand as a result of her training with her mother, a prodigious martial artist, Akali Began training with her mother as soon as she could make a fist. Her mother's discipline was Relentless and unforgiving.

I think a lot of League of Legends Game players who idolized Akali, what I mean is akali can be greatly influenced the character of your team and for some players who do not know how to play using Akali they would say that Akali is pretty much useless, well ... think he is a noob XD, because only a noob would say XD (no offense just my opinion).

What you see in this League of Legends Cosplay is Akali with original costume/skin, just information Akali also have another skin like Crimson, All-Star, Nurse, and also Blood Moon skin when asked which my favorite ... of course hot Nurse Skin that is the best option for me, since she looks very impressive with Nurse so cute yet hot like that, so if you like fast-faced character with so many awesome buff skill Akali can be your good option for you to play with.

Looks like Misa've put a lot of cool effects in this Akali cosplay pictures (but honestly i don't really like that) I guess Misa already seen very impressive without any photo effects that the absence of such a little excessive. Akali is (Like a ninja champion) who never hesitate to do anything as long as it concerns the purpose to put it simple -she's a little heartless, well ... Misa cuteness has removed the image of  "Brutal" that attached to Akali.

About Akali Cosplay costume that she wears I guess Misa was brave enough to wear it, like what you can see here that cosplay costume can make-every guys drolled at her xD I just hope Misa also opened her mask that covered her face, and that forest background has always managed to create an impression of exotic and looks like a League of Legends warzone, Although overall Misa did awesome League of Legends Cosplay pictures here but still I feel like she is too cute as Akali character.
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