League of Legends: Caitlyn Cosplay by Mizutani Zero

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Another League of Legends Cosplay photo, OMG! Again!? yea again...i gonna post League of Legends Cosplay photo till i got bored with it xD, i found so many good League of Legends Cosplay photo so i'll post all of them on this blog if you don't like it...be patien till i post whole my collection of LoL Cosplay ^^", well i already post some of League of Legends character such as Ahri, Sona or Annie, this time i got another champion from this game the Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn, actually i dont really like this character style, i think its kinda weird xD (just my opinion) she got big hat like a magician ~but in purple color, and she got so many scope on her weapon and hat that I think it's wasteful and less useful.

League of Legends Cosplay by Mizutani Zero Gallery

well whatever, regardless of my dislike of this character, I like the way Mizutani Zero to do this League of Legends Cosplay (Mizutani Zero is the coser name), i think everything has been done well, ranging from the detail on the cosplay costumes, the background images and also her pose looks alive though she is seen more as a model in front of the camera rather than a Caitlyn the Sheriff of Piltover, the most i love from this League of Legends Cosplay photo is her Cosplay costume detail, that was made with nice detailed but yea her gun seem like a woody gun ^^, thats not a big matter i like this LoL Cosplay, i got this League of Legends Cosplay photo by Mizutani from her Cure page.
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