League of Legends: Jinx Cosplay by Misa


Misa sand Maple this is a photography/adjuvant to bathtub scene and spent a month pocket money to muffle the bed and breakfasts of hard history =D= ....

If a JINX, I warn you come up with XDDDD OK bouncing under your feet be sure to help him stroke XDDD photograph he had haunted hidden foot!!!!!!!!!!! The opening picture of =D= and then laugh if my life when your eyes!!!! Super afraid of contact lenses with Jet XDDD

Everyone's comments are gone. ... Wanna cry Oh. Let check Misa Caitlyn or Akali Cosplay too, and see who the won cosplay by Misa.

Look ^_^ Misa Cosplay xD xD, Leave Your Comment about Jinx Cosplay by Misa. xD
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  1. Nice Taiwan Girl Cosplay... so cute Jinx LoL game cosplay ever I see :p

  2. cool picture, there is no model of Indonesia is like that

    1. I never found girl cosplayer from ID +Manyun LeL