Tsunade Cosplay by M

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One more great Tsunade Cosplay photography I've ever seen, Tsunade is the fifth Hokage after previous third Hokage killed lead in the attack carried out by Orochimaru, after Third Hokage died the best candidates to replace him are three Legendary Sanin, The Pervert Jiraiya, Genius Orochimaru and Princess (Hime) Tsunade, Orochimaru Impossible to chose since he's the one who attack Village, Jiraiya ? he's too pervert to become Hokage ... the only best option is Tsunade.

When tsunade offered to become Hokage she immediately rejected but for some reason (that I forgot) she finally accept to become fifth Hokage. though Tsunade is still looks like a young girl but in reality she was much older than you can imagined but with medical expertise she excel of she always looks like a 30-year-old woman, So don't be fooled by her outward appearance. beside that, behind her slim body like a normal girl she has monsterious power inside her, she can destroy a hill using only his bare hands.

Well, ... M is the cosplayer behind this Tsunade Cosplay photography, i think her body looks absolutely perfect as Tsunade so without any photoshop touch she already looks impressive, and the most i love from this Tsunade Cosplay photography is her pose (thats remarkable pose of Tsunade).
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