One Piece: Nami Cosplay by Kaoru Harusame

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Today I Have Request by Visitor to Post One Piece Cosplay Character Nami. She is a navigator on Going Merry (former) and thousend Sunny as Luffy Mugiwara Pirates crew, when compared to others navigator I 'm sure Nami is the best navigator, and if other people need to eat devil fruit to create imposible thing (like Mera-mera fruit to create fire), nami uses the science of weather to create a Lightning Storm, wind, and other natural forces . I guess that is one of the best parts of Nami.

Cat Burglar is the her nickname shortly before meeting with Luffy, because her skills to deceive pirates and steal their treasure in any chance. she also had to "sell" Luffy to Pirate Buggy to get a map grandline... but when they sailed together for the first time Nami began to feel she find a right place for her, until the end when Luffy defeated Arlong - Pirates, Nami decided to join the Mugiwara Luffy pirates as a ship navigator. I love this One Piece Cosplay by Kaoru Harusame, to see other Nami Cosplay pictures you better check this Nami Cosplay by other cosplayers
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