Boa Hancock Cosplay by KisaKiurumi

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This is Boa Hancock Cosplay pictures are the third of the Boa Hancock Cosplay Pictures trilogy by Kisakiurumi, first she was so beautiful with her ​​wedding dress (I just hope she does not married with Luffy). in the second picture ... she looks amazing with her ​​white cheongsam. and what you see in this One Piece Cosplay picture is the Third time, she wearing original Boa Hancock Cosplay costume from her first appearance in the One Piece anime.

A little hard to describe this Boa Hancock Cosplay picture, her black hair which hung very natural, devastating gaze, or her smile, simply she looks pretty. oh guys!...please stop staring at her thighs! i know you did that.
i got this One Piece Cosplay photo from KisaKiurumi worldCosplay page, you have to give her a visit to see more of her Awesome One Piece Cosplay.
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