Boa Hancock Cosplay by Sunny Lin

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Its pretty Sunny Lin Cosplay photo as the most pretty girl character from One Piece Anime, Boa Hancock, on this Sunny Lin Cosplay she has made very pretty Boa Hancock, and its almost perfect Boa Hancock Cosplay thats why Sunny Lin was declared by Japanese One Piece fans as a "Real Live" boa hancock (scr- Sgcafe), I actually do not entirely agree with that, but its super pretty and hawt Sunny Lin Cosplay, Sunny Lin make boa hancock alive XD and hawter, Sunny Lin is Macau cosplayer (i mean she born in macau) but she based in taiwan (that what i heard ^^") 

Pretty Sunny Lin Cosplay as Boa Hancock Gallery

Well Sunny Lin is uber cute and pretty hawt girl that why international men’s magazine FHM to put her in the cover of their February issue, FHM always have good reason to put a girl in their magazine cover XD (i think we all agree with that), but i resist to say its perfect form of Boa Hancock in real life, i mean even she got pretty face and nice body posture that really look like a real boa hancock but there is something that is no less important than that, i think Sunny Lin can really represent Boa Hancock personality (she got innocent face/expression that made her different from boa hancock) for me that more important ^^, well i got this Sunny Lin Cosplay Photo from Sgcafe.
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