Samurai Warriors: Ina Hime Cosplay

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Ina Hime is one of the Hideyoshi Toyotomi subordinate, Ina Hime is the son of Tadakatsu and also sisters of Yukimura Sanada, Her height in the Samurai Warriors series is 165 cm (5'5 "). She's symbolized by the kanji" purity" and "refreshing" and white flower petals. and it is definitely clear Hime means princess ^^.Mentored by her father she was an expert in the use of arrows and I also liked her a lively movement, in addition to serving Hideyoshishe Ina Hime continues to defend Ieyasu at Mikatagahara.

I love this Ina Hime cosplay pictures, although cosplayer does not fit well with Ina Hime is in my imagination, but she managed to create a beautiful Ina Hime Cosplay, and I also liked her Ina Hime Cosplay Costum, this costume was made very detailed and also very similar too riginal Ina Hime Clote, even also her weapon, her arrow made very detailed and look very real, I found this beautiful Ina Hime Cosplay picture from thank to Them for this beautiful Ina Hime Cosplay picture, unfortunately I did not find any information about who is behind this Ina Hime Cosplay Photo, Nice Cosplay!
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