Asuna Yuuki Cosplay SAO Game #3

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We have another sweet Sword Art Online Cosplay photo by Hisoka Tsuzuki, Hisoka Tsuzuki though her name sounds like a Japanese but in fact she is sweet cosplayer girl from Taiwan, in previous Asuna Cosplay photo she looks very charming by wearing a white dress of Titania the Fairy Queen in Alfheim Online Game, with a beautiful touch of the right lighting makes that Sword Art Online Cosplay photo by Sakurahime looks very pretty.

As well with this cosplay pictures by Hisoka Tsuzuki, I suppose it every cosplay pictures always have different strengths, respectively, as shown in this Asuna cosplay pictures somehow when seeing this Cosplay picture I feel like she has become my wife XD, I mean it looks like a life version of the movie scenes of Sword Art Online Anime when Kirito and Asuna married and live together at a small house in the countryside.

I can say this Sword Art Online has described everything when they were married with great detail without the need for words ... do you think the same with me? this is what I think about when seeing this Sword Art Online Cosplay picture, Asuna wearing casual clothes and cook something for beloved husband Kirito, when Asuna enjoying her time cooking ... Kirito come and hug her from her back (gosh thats so sweet XD i wanna do that too) after dinner, Asuna lying on her bed and waiting Kirito to do something awesome with her ... well... what happened next!? you can think of yourself.

SAO Game Asuna has managed to create a Asuna character who looks innocent and adorable (i want to squeez her if i can lol) i love her smile, her eyes, and also the lighting that featuring a romantic mood. besides it with Asuna wearing a casual clothes like that makes a series of this Sword Art Online pictures is seen to be alive, but unfortunately I don't know the name of cosplayers who cosplaying as Kirito. they both did great work here.
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