Princess Mononoke: San Cosplay by Momoko

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A superb pretty Princess Mononke Cosplay by my newest favorites cosplayer, Momoko, this time Momoko cosplaying as San, a pretty girls that live in the forest with wolf as her family well that not just an ordinary wolf we can say that wolf is a goddess wolf  called moro, at the begin of the movie she look brutal and hard to get close cos she likely gonna kill you, but in the end Ashitaka (Main male Character) can make her wildness become more friendly.

Like i said this is superb Gorgeous Princess Mononoke Cosplay by Momoko, not just because Momoko itself already pretty but that Lighting and blurry background makes this Princess Mononke Cosplay looks even more prettier, well about her cosplay costume!? its perfect on her, its been made with a nice detailed, Seriously i love her expression and her fur, everything just simply perfect here. ummm... i don't remember San has a tattoo in her left hand? if looking at it closely i think that tattoo similar to Nami's tattoo of One Piece Anime :D. 
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