Naruto: Tsunade Cosplay by Cyan

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Naruto anime series is quiet popular around the world, i am one of that anime fans few years ago but when the story on this anime messed up (for me) i have to stop following this anime, well for our today cosplay pictures we got this nice fitting Tsunade Cosplay by Cyan, not sure that was her real name or not sound like a color name xD, Tsunade is 5th Hokage (Village Leader) in Naruto, although she's super old already but she has a sweet mature face and body Lol.

Well in this Tsunade Cosplay Cyan look mature enough to look exactly as Tsunade, she got a mature face and nice hair seriously her hair look nice and natural right? personally i i love the first pictures with that pose cyan was manage to draw out tsunade personality, and in the second Tsunade Cosplay pictures cyan playing as Tsunade when she release her seal to get her real battle power but in exchange she will getting old after that.  
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