Resident Evil: Carla Radames Cosplay by Okasane

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Finally after so long journey to find a good Carla Radames Cosplay pictures i found this great Carla Radames Cosplay pictures, the cosplayer behind it is japanese cosplayer girl her name is Okasane, i am sure every horror game fans especially Resident Evil Game fans already familiar with this Carla Radames character, yea she is antagonist in Resident Evil 6, we can said she's doppelganger of Ada Wong and the eventual founder of Neo Umbrella.

What i can say about this Carla Radames Cosplay pictures is Okasane san been manage to make Carla Radames alive in real world, she got a typical pretty asian face and that perfect body, wait...Carla Radames is not asian!? well my mistake XD but i prefer Carla Radames look like this one Lol, i really love the first pictures she looks so alive with her pose & expression, by the way NICE DRESS Okasane san :D. 
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