Fate/Stay Night: Cute Saber Cosplay pictures by Momoko

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Now you are viewing cute side of Saber, The characters who has a real name Arthuria Pendragon in Fate/Stay Night anime is always synonymous with the word firm, calm, cold and strong, but in this Cute Saber Cosplay pictures by Momoko we can see her girly side, she looks more like an ordinary high school girl who is enjoying her vacation at the beach, not too bad for a Saber were already involved hundreds of battles: D

In this Sabel Cosplay pictures Momoko looks very cute with her ​​swimsuit, and her Expression that looks a little spoiled is completely opposite with Saber's what I see in the anime, I think Saber does require occasional holidays so she was not too tense and become old fast :3, well I love this Saber Cosplay pictures by Momoko since she superbly managed to bring Feminine side of a saber, I really love her expression.
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